Do it in a van.

About Us

Black Light Brand merch is conceived in Los Angeles, California, and printed in the USA. We make these shirts and other stuff for boozers, babes, rockers, vanners, bikers, skaters, surfers, punks, beer fans, winos & partiers; the fun loving wild bunch who know the secret to life is enjoying it. Yeah buddy.

We love loud, psychedelic rock. We love a vinyl collection stacked deep with good-timin', honky-tonkin' music. We love bands, artists, photographers, writers and people who make stuff. We love our neighborhood and our local carry out where the beer is cold, the booze is well-stocked and our guy Tom takes good care of us. We love finding a new favorite bar - a dusty, far flung, saloon with cheap cold ones, a good jukebox, and a spot at the bar. We love cheap beer and expensive tequila. We love getting drunk and wild in the desert and camping in our vans. We love our friends and love joking & smoking with them under the stars until way too late at night.

"While we live, let's live!"

Black Light Brand
1921 Modjeska Street
Los Angeles, California 90039

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